Not known Facts About neds

Sudanese asylum seeker Munir Mohammed volunteered for your United kingdom "lone wolf" mission and was aided by pharmacist he achieved on dating Web site

Something which is superb "that's a pure fuckin belter by the way" may be used for a plural too "her tits are belters"

Saturday mornin' flicks for weans at ABC cinemas. Present consisted of the shite kid's film, ordinarily wi Hayley Mills in it, some cartoons, an a crap serial like "Attack o' the unconvincing robots".

Drunk, intoxicatedExampleThe Eejit wiz blootered ootae his coupon (The fool was drunk outside of his facial area)

That's how we are going to be putting a bet to qualify for our bonus without getting rid of our primary deposit. After this guess finishes our funds will be either from the exchange (Betfair) or the net bookies(Sportsbet).

. Illustration: When mah maw got hame an exciting me in hur bed wi the postie an the lassie fae Gregg's the Bakers - she went her dinger

Thanks to new licensing grants, Australian citizens can now Enjoy the U.S. Powerball online at Lottoland, without needing to cross international waters, giving us usage of the biggest at any time lotto prize swimming pools.

A small amount of difficulty. There was a wee stooshie with the pub After i had a lingering consider the spouse of Creeping Jesus

I by no means experienced any difficulty, in reality I feel most regular punters would choose click here gains out in any case so I wouldn’t stress about it.

Two neds who satisfied about the aircraft were being arrested right after cigarette smoking in the bathroom before preventing with travellers who informed them off.

Ah'm no sayin it's a rough pub, but In case the chucker-oot frisks ye an disnae enjoyment a chib, he gies ye wan!

We then utilize the weekly promotions they provide. They are really posted inside the Facebook group. If you would like get involved let me know at and I'm able to insert you.

Someone who is a complete tit and goes out of their method to piss Anyone off with dumb ass remarks; their buddies Really don't even like them.

Case in point: Ah wis gonny take the wean fishin, nevertheless the nylon's within a pure fankle an ah canny be arsed tae acquire it aw oot.

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